Pjur Infinity Silicone Based Lube 50ml

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What will be displayed on my bank statement?

At Sex Toys For Men, we are dedicated to providing you with a shopping experience that is enjoyable and confidential. Rest assured that your transaction with us will be labeled as STF ONLINE on your bank statement, without any mention of the website name.

Does STFM use discreet packaging?

Your privacy is extremely important to us and our discreet packaging enables you to shop with Sex Toys For Men in complete confidence. Orders are sent in plain packaging. There's no way of telling what's inside the package or who the sender is.

Key Features

  • Size: 50ml
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Length: Extr


Immerse yourself in pure pleasure with Pjur INFINITY Silicone Based Lube, the ultimate choice for those who demand the very best. This premium silicone-based personal lubricant offers an unmatched level of long-lasting lubrication, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted pleasure and heightened sensations. Its velvety smooth texture leaves your skin feeling silky and luxurious, adding an extra dimension to every touch and stroke.

Experience freedom without boundaries as you unlock a world of possibilities. This versatile lube is perfect for stimulating massages, enhancing intimacy, and indulging in more intense sexual encounters. With its carefully crafted formula, Pjur INFINITY ensures a seamless glide without the need for constant reapplication. Let go of inhibitions and rediscover your passion with confidence. With Pjur INFINITY by your side, you are free to be your most authentic self.

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